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Hello to all!

    God is good! Those of you who would like to share in the Saber J ministry can put in a donation. The money goes to printing costs of the books and we can get them out to you as soon as all printing costs are paid, and travel to get to your area. Once the costs are paid the books are published and then printed. The cost of each book to be printed and placed in run approximately $10 per each book. Now if we order them in bulk they will obviously be discounted but we have to order $1,000 worth or more. So when you purchase a book directly from this website --- on the home page --- you get the book delivered to you directly. Printing on demand is what we call it! We do, however, like going to book signings and meeting you person to person and getting to chat with you is fun too, and Saber J is fluent in American Sign-language. We are setting up places to go, and everybody needs gas money to get there. We are as real as it gets, and have no secrets. If there is anything you'd like to know on how things get done here...feel free to ask! We are an open book! (Yes, pun intended!) You can reach us on the contact page through phone or email.