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It Is Written

"Where were you when the

Heavens were being created?

Where were you when the

Earth was being dated?

If you have understanding

Declare if you will."

Father; my answer to you

Is simple and still.

You have known me from

The beginning of time.

You chose me to love

All of mankind.

The good at heart,

And the evil in deed.

I was given the power

To plant your seed.

You called me before

The first morning dew,

My Lord, My God...

I was with you...

                   By Saber J

The First Day

Darkness was ruler of the void.

His armor was impenetrable to all.

Even Evil would run in fear.

All trembled when Darkness would fall.

This lone soldier asked God for strength.

God spoke and said, "Let there be Light."

A beauty to penetrate the armor of Darkness

Wisdom revealed, strong wings, Spirit bright

Darkness desired to protect this Light

For her beauty was much to behold.

A bond unbreakable was created, and

Their love became strong and bold.

Then God divided the light from Darkness.

Darkness wanted Light to stay.

So they circle the Earth forever holding.

Evening and Morning became the First Day.

         By Saber J

Redemption Perimeter

The straight and narrow path

Has so many ups and downs.

Life will grab you forcefully,

And bring you to the ground.

The light we look forward to,

No way to run or deter.

Running toward God for eternity.

The redemption perimeter.

When will your warriors be free?

God saves us from ourselves!

Save us and save our souls!

Just like Paul, Mathew, and Peter.

You, Father, are our Redemption Perimeter!

       By Saber J